Friday, December 28, 2012


We had a great Christmas. We got to spend time with family, visit Santa Claus, take some time to relax, open presents, go to church, participate and watch a Live Nativity, have school parties, cook, bake, wrap presents . . .. I could go on, but I'm sure you'd all rather see it than read my words about t it all.

Here's a recap of the whirlwind of it all in photo and video

Visiting with Santa

Visiting the LSU Christmas Tree

The Live Nativity at church

Discovering all that Santa brought on Christmas morning (the girls asked for a Barbie Dream House, but Santa thought this dollhouse was a better investment :-) )

Friends, I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas - enjoying the gift of family and the magic of believing 

When you least expect it

I often find myself trying to force a memory - getting the girls to pose or pause doing something - and nine times out of ten, it just doesn't work.  And other times I take a picture just on an impulse.  These are some of those and I love how their personalities come through.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Today marks five years since we lost our baby Joshua.  Marking this occasion five years out is awkward for me.  In so many ways I've "moved forward" with life, but I'm deeply mindful of how this loss has shaped my life since.  I cannot pretend to understand God's plan anymore today than I did on December 6, 2007, but I can say I trust Him now more than I think would be possible otherwise.

I've learned so much, most importantly about how I love others, and more accurately  how I'm called to love others.  I do not always succeed, but as I look at my Savior, I value being truly present with others, pressing in, asking hard questions, being willing to be uncomfortable for the sake of another, being willing to simply sit in pain or grief or difficult circumstances.  Loving those God has given me with abandon.  

As I look back on the very dark days early on and see the progression of how Light was steadily shining even in my darkness - I'm humbled and thankful.  I don't know the whole story - but I'm so thankful for the parts that I'm given.

None but Jesus.  

Saturday, December 01, 2012

the voice

Each of my girls has a love for music and singing - I suppose most kids do - and it is truly a joy to hear a little voice break into song spontaneously.

Tonight as I was putting Camille to bed, I asked her what she wanted to pray for, who she wanted to tell God thank you for and she broke out into "God is so Good."  It was a precious moment, so I had to break the sacredness to run to get my phone to record her.  She gave an encore of sorts and sang one more for good measure.

I had to share.  This is what makes me get through days with fighting, whining, complaining, and general craziness. And yes, it is completely dark - I didn't want to further ruin the moment with a bright light in her eyes.  Much love, friends.