Monday, June 09, 2008


Caroline had a couple of firsts in the past few days that I thought I'd share. On Saturday morning, Jeff cooked french toast and I was sitting at the table eating breakfast with Caroline while Jeff finished up in the kitchen. Caroline started to stab her place mat with her fork, so I said, "Caroline, don't do that please." She stopped, looked up at me and said, "Why?" Oh, here we go! We hadn't ventured into "why" world yet, and I know that is the first time of probably millions that I will be asked that question.

Caroline had been acting pretty silly all morning yesterday, she seemed like she was laughing a lot (mostly at herself) and just generally acting like a silly little girl. Then last night, she was acting silly again as she got ready for her bath and she picked up one of her bath toys and said, "Mama, dis fish is going to bonk you." (she didn't actually hit me with it, she just held it back as if she might) I said, "Caroline don't hit me with the fish, please." She said, "Oh, I'm jus jokin." Another first, my almost three year old is "jokin'"!

Oh, and this is funny, not a first, but still funny. This morning Caroline woke up early and as Jeff was getting ready for work, she and I were coloring in her room. I took the opportunity to talk with her about colors; at this point, the only colors she gets right consistently are PINK (of course) and red. So, I held up a yellow marker and asked her what color it was. She replied, "Um, bolue." I said, "No, that is yellow." She said, "Oh, yellow" then she held up another marker and asked, "What color is dis Mama?" I said, "That's green." She replied, "Yay! Good job, Mama!"

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