Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on our girls

We've been busy these last few weeks getting ready for our baby girl to get here and trying to enjoy Caroline's last weeks as an "only child". It's weird how excited I am about inviting our new daughter into our lives, but at the same time, it makes me sad to think that these are the last days where it will just be Caroline, Jeff, and me. We are trying to enjoy all of it!

As for the baby's progress, she is doing well. She gave us a couple of scares a week or so ago, but there's nothing to be worried about and all is well. She is making her presence known as I type by telling me to sit up straight with a hard kick to the ribs. We are likely looking at a delivery date of Dec. 2, 3, or 4th. Right at two weeks to go!

Caroline is doing well too. She was making me laugh this morning as she ran around the house in her pajamas, fairy wings, and Cinderella dress-up heels throwing a bouncy ball as hard as she could shouting "bally-ball!" Her personality is definitely her own; in many ways, she is all "girl" with her love of the color pink, all things Disney Princess, and her hair bows, but she definitely has some feisty tom-boy tendencies that I will say (going out on a limb here) come from Jeff. One of the joys of being her parent is seeing that unique personality develop as I pray that God will give me guidance to parent her well!

Caroline continues to have her own funny sayings and one somewhat recent phrase she's adopted cracks me up every time she says it. When she gets out of the bath tub at night and one of us is trying to dry her off, and because it has gotten chillier recently, she whines and complains a little before we can get her robe on her. As she's whining about being cold now, she says in a very whiny voice, "This is not comfortable!" I'm not sure where she got the word "comfortable" from, but for some reason hearing that come out of a three year old is really funny to me.

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