Friday, January 08, 2010

These are a few of your favorite things: Caroline

Our first-born Caroline has a personality like no one else I know. As of January 2010, here are a few of your favorite things, sweet Caroline and some of my favorite things about you:
You love to pretend. Baby dolls, Barbies, Disney Princesses, Little People, Nativity sets, trucks and cars; they all quickly become part of your elaborate imaginary world.
You love apples and blueberries. Cranberry juice and popsicles. Dessert of just about any kind. Red beans and rice, hamburgers, fish, cous cous, broccoli. Crackers and bread. You can eat an entire bag of microwave popcorn on your own.
You love movies, especially Disney movies involving princesses. Or superheroes. You loves to play outside and you are full of joy when we spend an afternoon or evening at the park. You can entertain yourself in your room with your dolls or legos for what seems like hours.
You love music and particularly enjoy singing. You knows the words to more songs than I do. You have a memory like a steel trap and often remind us of things we've done long ago or places we've been that seem impossible for you to remember.
You love your gymnastics class and your dance classes; you look so forward to the days we go to dance or gym each week.You just taught yourself how to maneuver the monkey bars like a pro.
You were beside yourself when we went to see the Nutcracker this year. You loved the dancing and followed the story so much better than I ever would have expected.
You love stories and look forward to our time reading together each night. You love your Bible and love Jesus more than just about anyone else I know. You talk about him like he is your closest friend. You ask questions about God and the way the world works that are often really difficult for us to answer.
You have a tender heart that is easily bruised and you have a keen sense for when someone else's feelings are being hurt.
You have a contagious smile and laugh and a wonderful sense of humor. One look at your smiling face can bring me out of a bad mood every time.
You love your sister with all of your heart.
You love to help with everything and you make just about anything more enjoyable.

These few paragraphs sum up a small glimpseof the girl who made me a mother. There are so many more things that make her who she is and that make her a joy to be around.
I love you Caroline!


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Agnes and Co. - All Things Home said...

Ashley, I'm in tears reading about your sweet Caroline. What a gift she is to our sin sick world. What a blessing God gave you in her. Praise be to the Lord for Caroline.

Becky x