Friday, April 30, 2010


April was officially a whirlwind and I'm not really sorry to see it in the rearview mirror. While things on the blog have been quiet, things in our life have not been! Here's a quick rundown of the past month: Jeff had back surgery (and he's recovering well),

the girls were sick off and on for two or three weeks, and we found out that we are having ANOTHER GIRL!

More importantly we found out that from all indicators, we are having another healthy girl. We are so happy that Caroline and Charlotte get to welcome another sister into our family and that we'll have another baby covered in all things pink to love on soon.

The girls finally appear to be well and Jeff is working hard on his physical therapy, so I'm sort of holding my breath right now just praying that things can keep looking up for us. Does it sound like I'm complaining? Because even though I probably am, I am so aware that these things are all relatively minor in the big picture and one month of upheaval is truly a wink of an eye. We have managed to have fun and laugh and smile this month too.
Here are a few pictures to prove it:
The girls "playing school" early one morning. Charlotte has started hamming it up for pictures!

Caroline enjoying a sunny, warm afternoon last week.

We've been spending a little time at the park in the evenings and the girls love it - leaving is never a fun experience.

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