Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

We had a great Christmas! Sorry for the late post, but I just put the pictures from the past week onto the computer.

Caroline woke up bright and early on Christmas morning and came to Camille's room where I was feeding her to let me know in a whisper-y scream that SANTA CAME AND BROUGHT ME A KITCHEN! We let Charlotte sleep a little longer and woke her up around 6:15 so that Caroline wouldn't have to be tortured anymore by ALL OF THE WAITING.

And Caroline was right, Santa did bring the girls a kitchen, pots and pans, and all kinds of food. Santa definitely went out on a limb getting the girls a joint gift, but it is already proven to be something they will each play with separately and even together with minimal fighting.

They each also got some individual gifts as well, so when the kitchen provides a little too much togetherness, each girl has something of her own to play with. Charlotte's big gift was a tricycle, which she looks adorable on, but I'm sad to report that I haven't taken a picture of her on it yet. Caroline's comparable gift was a baby seat for the back of her bike, so she can take her baby dolls out on bike rides. Again, no picture of that just yet either.  And you'll all be happy to know that the immediate hit of all of the gifts were the $5 zhu zhu pets Santa found at the last minute at CVS.  Those robot hamsters (are they hamsters?) provided some serious entertainment at about 6:45AM on Saturday! 

On to the gift I did manage to take pictures of!

Exhibit A:  Minimal fighting ensues

Chef Charlotte working the wooden knife

Chef Caroline in action

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