Monday, January 30, 2012


In the car yesterday evening on the way to the grocery store Charlotte said, "Mama, you and all of this traffic is aggregating me!"  I asked her what was "aggregating" her about me all of the traffic, and she said, "Not aggregating Mama! Aggrenaking!  Uh.  I don't want to talk about it now."

Please pray for me as this child grows up.


pwalton said...

This only makes me wish you had time to write more of her commentary! And, yes, I agree with her...traffic is "aggregating" and "aggrenaking" or whatever - explains my thoughts exactly! I will pray for you both - this will be an interesting journey for sure.

CountryCouture said...

Years ago, my husband endured terrible traffic on the way home, and upon entering the house proclaimed that traffic was "horrocious." He didn't even realize he had made up a word. To this day, we combine "ferocious" and "horrible" as a tribute. I hope that "Aggregating" will stick around in your house as well :) Claire