Thursday, November 15, 2012

And it's over . . .

Now that The Election is over, I feel like I can breathe again.  The division and anger and insults coming from all sides really produced some anxiety and disillusionment for me. I felt like I couldn't write at all in the final weeks.  I'm not sure of the reasons for that, I suppose the people-pleaser in me didn't want to inadvertently say anything one way or the other on all of the hoopla.  I am glad that it's over - at least the campaign - and hopefully we can move forward and leave the griping and the gloating behind us.

The last few weeks in pictures from my little part of the world:  

We've been trick-or-treating and dressing up.

We've been singing.  And if you do nothing else, please watch this video.  THE CUTENESS.  It is almost too much.

We've been smiling.

We've been getting bunk beds and combining rooms.

We've been visiting with friends.

We've been reading bedtime stories.

And plenty more that I didn't capture on camera.

It's hard for me to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  Our anniversary is ten days away.  Charlotte will be four in two weeks.  Okay, I'm stopping.

Much love!

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