Friday, April 05, 2013

A Visit From the Toothfairy

Last Thursday night Charlotte suffered the wrath of the evil combination of tile floors, slick bottomed sandals, and running in the house.  She slipped and slammed chin-and-mouth-first into a door frame, leaving quite a mark on her chin as well as a pretty serious injury to her mouth.  That night her tooth seemed a little loose (thankfully a baby tooth) and the next morning it was apparent that a dentist would need to take a look at it.

[Disclaimer: There is no blood in these pictures, but if you are very squeamish, click away now.]

Exhibit A:  

So the next morning was Good Friday and our regular dentist's office was closed.  I put out an APB on Facebook for any dentists and thankfully I have several friends who were willing to make phone calls and send texts to find us a great dentist who had office hours on Friday.  Dr. Hunt got us in at 9:00 am and she put both Charlotte and her mom at ease. They took x-rays and showed me that the only damage was to the baby tooth and root and there doesn't appear to be any damage to her permanent tooth or the gum surrounding it.  

While I was hoping and praying that they might be able to save her tooth, it wasn't possible.  The nurse was great and she stayed with Charlotte and put on Wreck-it Ralph while we waited for the numbing medicine to start to work.  Charlotte was a brave champ through it all.  She didn't even whine when she was getting the shot in her gums.  

watching the movie in the ceiling while she waited

checking out the dentist's tools

The tooth came out quickly and again, Charlotte was so brave and made it through with barely a tear.  We were out of the office within about ten minutes, off to get a special morning ice cream treat.  

This wasn't the smile I would have expected from my four year old on Easter Sunday, but I'm so thankful for a such a minor issue from what could have been much worse. 

For Charlotte, the whole thing was well-worth it, the Toothfairy made her first visit to our house for someone other than Caroline on Thursday night.  :) Even with her snaggletooth, she's my precious Charlotte-girl!  

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