Thursday, August 20, 2009

Short update!

Caroline had a great birthday party this past weekend: Great friends, great family, great presents, great cake, We also had our friends Allison, Jeremy, and Cooper in town staying with us, so we had no only a birthday party Saturday, but also a weekend of having fun with wonderful friends. We've been busy recovering from the weekend and getting back into the swing of life with work and school, but I'll post some more stories and pictures soon. For now, here's a little series of a precious moment for a four year old: blowing out the candles on her Tinker Bell cake!


Amelia said...

Ouch! These are so adorable it hurts...what a precious face (especially that second picture!) and wow! What a cake. Knowing that you and I both geek out over cakes a little, I bet that you had a great time picking that out! I'm sorry to sound like someone's old aunt, but I just cannot wrap my mind around Caroline being has that happened so fast??? We love that girl!!

J Bussell said...

I have the same three pictures, just from the other side. I also really like the 2nd one!