Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Charlotte,

Charlotte you are 10 months old today and I'm not quite sure how to explain how it feels to say that. In so many ways, I feel like you've been part of "us" for so long, but in others it feels like you just arrived. Your precious personality is revealing itself more and more each passing day. You are a joy to be around, happy and smiling most of your waking moments. You love to laugh, to be tickled, to listen to music, to crawl around the house exploring all that you aren't supposed to get into. Caroline's toys are a constant point of interest for your little eyes and hands. If she is in the room, your toys take a back seat to whatever it is she's playing with, especially if it's something like her tiny Disney princesses. In fact, anything to do with Caroline is your number one priority. She can make you laugh like no one else and she can play rough with you in ways that you would never allow anyone else. I can't tell you how much joy that brings to me and your Papa, seeing our girls love on one another is truly an amazing blessing.

You love to snuggle with me and Papa when we hold you, burying your head in our shoulders, hanging on tightly to your blankie. You love to hear yourself "talk". In the car or sitting in your high chair, the refrain from you is often, "Ba, ba, ba. Da, da, da." This morning I think you were trying to sing on the way to school; you starting saying, "ah" very softly and slowly getting a little louder and higher in pitch until I was literally laughing out loud at how high and loud you got.
I cherish every moment with you sweet Charlotte girl!

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pwalton said...

These are precious memories, Ash! Enjoy every minute.