Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Looking back

While looking for pictures on our old hard drive, Jeff unearthed a couple of old of Caroline as a baby. They don't have any sound b/c the digital camera we had back then only took silent short videos, but they really made me realize (yet again) how our little girl has grown. We're getting into the applying for kindergarten season and honestly I don't think the realization has truly sunk in that SHE WILL BE IN KINDERGARTEN NEXT YEAR. Maybe if I keep typing that sentence in all caps I'll get it (?).

So apparently Caroline's head cannot win lately; she had another mishap the other night, this time involving insects instead of furniture. On Sunday evening, Jeff and and Caroline were outside, and Jeff was pushing Caroline in our wheelbarrow. He stepped on a pile of sticks and palm branches and a huge, angry swarm of bees came flying out and attacked them. Caroline got the worst of it: four stings, three to the face. She is fine now, but she was scared after it happened, mostly because Jeff grabbed her and ran away as fast as he could. After they came inside and Jeff explained to me what happened, Caroline added her version of the story. She said, "We were playing outside and having fun and then Papa stepped on a pile of stuff and that was not a great idea!" She's doing fine now though and only one of the stings is swollen.

In other illness-related news: Charlotte had a high fever last week for a few days (one night getting up to 105.3), so I was silently resigning myself to the fact that she had the flu and it would pass along to Caroline and perhaps to us as well. I hate to say it, but I was never happier to see a red rash than I was on Sunday when Charlotte's little body was covered! Not the flu, but Roseola! She is fine too and after my post on her height and weight stats, I have to report that due to the fever she was not interested in eating for about three days, so we're now down another pound. Hopefully that hungry baby will rev back up and put on lbs soon!

Finally, here are the little videos of Caroline - enjoy!

First, this is one of her in her high chair clapping and playing "So Big". She's 10 months old.

And this is one I took of her the week she learned to walk; she had just turned 1.

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