Monday, July 05, 2010

The 4th

We had a really good weekend, and thankfully I have the day off of work today, so we get to enjoy one more day at home. Between relaxing and playing at the house, cleaning the house the little (because of course too much cleaning would = no fun), swimming at the pool, watching Charotte's Web (and as I cried through the last ten minutes or so, Caroline informed me that "it is just a movie mama. And you are a big girl;, you don't need to cry!"), taking a walk at the lakes, a trip to Target, eating doughnuts, taking naps (at least some of us), baking brownies, swimming at the pool again, and enjoying some 4 year old sized fireworks we had a busy, but fun weekend.

We only managed to get pictures from the fireworks last nightafter Charlotte went to bed, but she did get to experience a few poppers and sparklers before her crib called her name. I realize it looks like the first few pictures were taken around 4:00 in the afternoon, but it was actually around 8:00. For a girl whose bedtime is before it gets dark enough to enjoy fireworks, we had to go ahead and the show on the road!

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