Saturday, July 24, 2010

Evening Drive

Caroline had Jeff hook up the wagon to the back of her Jeep so that she could have a trailer to tow her dolls around. Charlotte loves for Caroline to drive her in the Jeff and sort of enjoyed the ride in the "trailer" for a short time. She soon got to experience her first try "driving" the Jeep though! That experience took the cake (even though her sister was working the gas peddle because her short little legs don't quite reach yet); and I'm not sure whether we'll get her into the passenger seat on the Barbie Jeep without a fight anytime soon.

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As a post-script: After I typed this up, I decided to go back to see pictures of when Caroline got this Jeep. Time flies. That was almost exactly two years ago!

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Jen said...

Your girls are so cute!! I can't believe how big Charlotte is getting!! Wow!!!