Monday, October 11, 2010

Life 7 weeks out

It's been seven weeks now since Camille arrived and it's hard to put into words what life looks like now for our family of five. She has slipped almost seamlessly into our daily routine, putting herself into her own routine without much coaxing from Jeff or me. Her sweet and quiet disposition are an answered prayer! I wasn't sure how a third girl would change the dynamic in our house, but so far she already exhibits a hint of the patience she will surely need growing up with two older sisters. Since my last post, she was diagnosed with reflux and with the help of a little Zantac, she's back on track with sleeping and eating really well.

Caroline is still loving kindergarten, but it leaves her very tired at the end of the day. She is treasuring her weekends and wants to stuff as much into Saturdays and Sundays as humanly possible. Jeff has been taking her out to LSU to see the band and Golden Girls march through campus on game days, and she has loved getting dressed up in her cheerleader uniform to join the festivities. Jeff built the girls a really nice easel recently and we pulled it out this weekend to let Caroline paint outside; she loved it.

Charlotte's vocabulary is expanding exponentially and each day we're amazed at what she's picked up. She is using three word sentences now (and maybe more, but I can only understand about three words strung together). While Caroline was painting on the easel, we set Charlotte up on the driveway with her own paper and paint. She quickly found it a little more fun to paint herself.

All five of us have been enjoying the fall weather that has graced Baton Rouge over the past couple of weeks. We've spent time at the park, outside in the yard, playing on the driveway, and out on walks as much as possible. Although I wish I could have prolonged the inevitable a little longer, I had to start working some this past week. Though I hate being away from Camille, between Jeff and Mom, she is in really good hands when I'm away. I think the two of them have enjoyed getting our little lamb to themselves for a while too.

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