Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby update

In the life of a newborn who is almost four weeks old, information that is two weeks old is officially outdated! Nevertheless, at Camille's two week appointment, our pediatrician gave her a good report. She was back up over her birth weight, weighing in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. I think her face looks like it has filled out considerably since then, so I'm sure she's still putting on weight at a good pace. By all indications, she's doing great! Camille eats well and sleeps like no baby I've had. She sleeps for at least four hours at a time at night, which for me is like a dream come true, a real answer to prayer. I wasn't quite sure how I would function with two other girls at home if she slept like they did - for two hour stints and the occasional three hour stint thrown in to surprise me every few days.
Camille definitely seems to be becoming more and more alert and aware each day. She looks around the room, trying to take in everything that she can see (and I'm not quite sure how much that is exactly, but she seems like she's looking at her surroundings). Car rides are easy, she loves to be in the stroller for walks, and she enjoys some time in the swing. She definitely prefers to be held, but hey, who wouldn't, right? So, I'm trying to make myself put her down in the swing or rocker when she's awake and happy. Overall, she really has been a joy to take care of and I'm so thankful for her good disposition and good health!

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