Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrity Encounter

Caroline and Charlotte were at my Mom's house Friday afternoon (and for those of you who don't know, my Mom is a sorority house mother at LSU). While they were on the porch, which fronts the LSU lakes, Caroline noticed a woman who had stopped walking to look at the house. Caroline asked Mom why the woman was standing in front of the house and Mom told her that the woman was probably an alum in town for Homecoming. The woman walked up the steps to talk to Mom and the girls and said that she had been a Kappa (not at LSU) before she left school to pursue an acting career and introduced herself as Shelly Long!

Cheers, The Money Pit, The Brady Bunch Movie, Outrageous Fortune. And my all-time favorite: Troop Beverly Hills.

Shelly (I'm sure she wouldn't mind me calling her by her first name) went in the house and took pictures with a group of Kappas and then with Mom, Caroline, and Charlotte. She was in town filming a movie and was just enjoying a walk around the lakes that evening. I wish I had been there to sing "Cookie Time" to her. I'm sure she would have loved that blast from the past. Or maybe not. Honestly, I've probably seen Troop Beverly Hills 100 times. I love that my girls had their first encounter with a famous person with the star of one of my favorite movies from childhood.

Have a good evening y'all.

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