Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Stage!

Last night was the Selah concert at First Pes here in Baton Rouge. It was a great show, a great night filled with some really gifted singers and amazing stories. The part of the night that was most memorable for Jeff and me and a certain little five year named Caroline, was when a few audience members got called up on stage and she was one of them!

She was absolutely beside herself to be up there in front of a full house of people. For those of you who don't know Caroline well, she has expressed a desire to be "on stage" as long as I can remember. Whether it involves singing, dancing, or acting, she loves the idea at least of being on stage. While she was definitely a little nervous at first, she got into it and calmed down and really enjoyed herself. And through the rest of the show she kept asking when she was going to get back on stage.

Now her career aspiration is to be "just like Amy" and sing on stage. And in preparation, she's been singing their songs all morning.  It was a wonderful night with a memory that I know will stick with our girl, and I'm really thankful for Amy, Allan and Todd taking a few minutes to be interested in a little five year old in Baton Rouge.  They were so gracious and it meant the world to Caroline.  And her mom.    

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Becky Griffin said...

That is truly a memory that will be with her forever. What a joy!