Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confessions of a Mama

I ate eight Thin Mints last night.  With a glass of wine.

Picking Camille up in the afternoons is harder for me than dropping her off.  I can't not think about all of her day that I missed.

I've cried at two TV shows so far this week: Parenthood (Oh, Crosby and Jasmine and Poor Julia and Joel!) and Top Chef (Richard!).

Once, when Caroline was a baby (a baby who did not sleep particularly well), after getting up with her what seemed to be about every half hour one night, I yelled "Shut! Up!" from bed.

When I was in the check-out line at Target last night, I caught myself searching for news about Brad and Emily on the cover of People and Us.  Pathetic?  Yes.


Anonymous said...

Ashley, all I could think as I read this was, YES YES YES! ('cept mine were oatmeal cookies...with chocolate chips...and my tears were over <<>> American Idol.) You are too funny!

Love it <3

Button said...

I cried when Richard called to tell his pregnant wife that he won Top Chef AND during the Teen Mom finale when Corey and Leah finally got married and were doing a ceremonial wedding dance with their twin babies. I only WISH I had a sleeve of thin mints to put a hurting on!

Ashley said...

Thanks girls. I feel better about my confessions knowing I'm in good company.