Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ice Cream

Every night at dinner we have "dinner question" time.  Either Jeff or I think of a question that we all have to answer and Caroline usually chimes in with at least one question too.  The questions range from asking about your favorite movie or subject in school to what your dreams were about last night.  It's a good way for us to talk to the girls without just asking "how was your day?"  That question inevitably gets the response, "Oh, I don't remember."

Caroline thinks that "dinner question" is a lot of fun - both the answering and the asking.  Charlotte, on the other hand, is stuck on our very first dinner question from several months ago.  The first time we asked it (and possibly a few times since), the dinner question was "What is your favorite dessert?"  Charlotte answered "ice cream."  Which, by the way, she wasn't even allowed to eat at that time because of her milk allergy.  We've slowly been easing milk back into her diet (with pretty good success), so she has been eating ice cream since then - but at the time she had probably only had ice cream once or twice in her life.  Ever since that night, no matter what the dinner question, she answers, "ice cream."

Charlotte, what do you like to play on at the park?"  "Ice cream."  How about your favorite friend at school to play with?  "Ice cream."  It never fails.  I think she gets that it's funny now, so I think she does it for the humor factor at this point, but for a while I think she just thought ice cream was the answer to everything.

And she may have been on to something.

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J Bussell said...

That was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend there a few weeks ago.