Friday, July 22, 2011

Redheads representin'

Apparently we (redheads) are harder to knock out with anesthesia than non-redheads.  If my experience with my last epidural is any indication, I don't want any more anesthesia than anyone else.  Ever.  Ever, ever again.

Interesting though.  And I'll keep note of this in case anesthesia is unavoidable in my future.  I don't want to be conscious of any of what goes on during surgery. 

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Alicia said...

I've read that too. You know, the last time I was at the dentist he did have to give me two shots, so maybe it's all true. Apparently the redhead mutation makes us have a higher pain tolerance than the average person. What weirdos we are! There should definitely be a gang pain immune redheaded superheros out there fighting crime.