Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Take your mark . . .

Caroline joined the swim team at our neighborhood pool this summer.  We weren't sure how well it would go because although last summer she made great strides in her swimming ability, she never felt comfortable keeping her head underwater while she swam.  But true to Caroline's nature, she embraced the challenge with gusto and did fantastic.  She swam without fear most of time and worked her tail off every time.  
At the end of the swim season Caroline won the award for being the hardest working girl on the entire swim team.  At 5 (and the only five year old on the team), she was recognized by her coaches for her effort.  I can't really put to words how proud I am of her for how well she did this summer, and especially for winning that award.  I would truly rather her recognized for working hard no matter the circumstance than winning a blue ribbon each time she went out.  

I really learn a lot from my girls, and Caroline teaches me daily to be present in the moment, to love fully,  and to take on every task in front of me with all that I have to give.  

 streching while she waits

 practicing her form

And it's time

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amy weiner said...

And hand on hip for the finish.

Ashley said...

Oh yes Amy, the hand on the hip is ever-present.

Amelia said...

Ok, we all know that I have a problem with crying whenever I think about anything having to do with children, but this makes me SO PROUD of Caroline and of course I'm all choked up. It makes me proud of her parents too for recognizing the true accomplishment and for loving her so well. And I couldn't agree with you more about these little teachers that we've all been blessed with...more and more I'm thinking that kids might be better suited to run the world. ;-)

Christie said...

Go Caroline!!!