Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sing it

 I read this article with interest on a couple of different levels.  First of all, I have two daughters who adore Taylor Swift -- and I apologize to all of you for mentioning her so often lately, but I promise for each time I mention her on the blog, I hear her name at least 2,127 times at home.  Second, I have three daughters.  The thought of the coming day when they'll "hate" me doesn't sit well with me.  I may have said that I hated my mom once or twice in my teen years, but I never meant it and I don't think I acted as though I hated her (most of the time?  Mom?).  In fact, a large part of what ran through my head when making decisions as a teenagers was wondering what my Mom would think of my choice.  That didn't keep me from making really poor choices, but I think it kept me from making even more poor choices.

All of that is to say, I think there is a pressure and expectation that is spoken, unspoken, sung, photographed, and written about in our culture that tells teenagers that it is cool to hate your parents.  And if Taylor Swift is a small tick in the opposite direction, then I'm happy to read about it and even happier to play her music for my girls.

Since I've already alienated anyone who doesn't want to hear more about my children's love for Ms. Swift, I'll go ahead and post this video from our ride in the van the other day with the girls singing.  FYI, they are both convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they each sound "just like Taylor Swift."


J Bussell said...

Sing it girls! You tell them Mr. Jeremy thinks they sound exactly like Taylor Swift!

pwalton said...

Made my heart melt! Precious girls!!!!

Hannah and Hunter's mom said...

I love it! They are great singers.