Thursday, December 01, 2011


We started reading Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree Advent Devotional with the girls at dinner on Tuesday night, and I'm praying that we'll be able to continue that all the way to Christmas.  I'm hoping that it will help foster some anticipation in them for the coming Christ this year as we walk through the Christmas season.

In case you were worried, they need no help at all anticipating the coming Santa.  So, I thought that reading through this devotional each night could help bring us down to the reason we celebrate this holiday.

As we've read through it the past two nights, I have tried to make sure to ask them questions about what I've read as we go, whether it be to make sure they understand a word, or to make sure I explain it to a six year old and three year old in words that they might better grasp.  And, as an aside, it's been an interesting scene at our dinner table, Charlotte sitting on my lap, Camille banging on her high chair tray, Caroline with Oreo in hand -- but through all of that I'm reminding myself that in all likelihood they will not remember the words I say and read during this time, but more likely is that they will remember that we took the time to do this.  

The devotional last night was entitled "Life begins as a love story."  As I read the line, "But it was the affection of God that made all his children (Prov. 8:31)," I asked Caroline if she knew what affection meant.  At first she wasn't sure, so I prompted her by saying, "Affection is like love."  She responded, "Oh, yes, yes!  Affection is like opening your heart."  As she said it, she moved her hands across her chest and outstretched them to the sides of her body. 

Whoa.  Opening your heart - beautiful and poignant especially considering the context last night. 

And, by the way, a way better explanation than mine, thankyouverymcuh.

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