Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dear Charlotte:

Today you turned three.  It is cliche, but I can't believe you're only three -- I feel like you've been part of us for so much longer than three years.  You came into our lives in the wake of a tremendously sad time for me, and I suppose God knew what he was doing because you came into the world full of joy and light.  I needed all that you had to give so much.

That thread that runs through you life hasn't changed; you enter a room and light it up.  You are the epitome of joyful.  You live life fully.  You are confident.  You know what you want and when you want it.  "No" doesn't sit well with you.

You are all girl.  You dress up from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.  You hate pants and will wear a dress even if it's freezing cold outside.  You hate jackets.  Your smile is heavenly and makes my anger and troubles fade quickly.  You know this.  You are strong-willed.  And that will serve you well in life (when you're older).

You love your sisters.  You look up to Caroline so much and imitate her words, actions, expressions, and moves.  Although the past 15 months have been tough on you as you've slowly relinquished your role as the baby in our family, you keep watch over Camille and make sure we know if she needs anything.

You talk a lot.  As in All.  The.  Time.  You love Barbie movies.  You want us to get a cat.  With "tiny wings."  You love mermaids and fairies; they are "your favorite girls."

You are smart.  Your knowledge and wisdom and perceptiveness amaze me daily.  You love for us to read books to you.

You love to play.  Barbies, princesses, Little People, our nativity set -- they are serve as instruments for your incredible imagination.

You love your Papa and me well.  Yesterday morning you climbed into bed with Papa after you woke up and snuggled close and talked about your love for your family.  Your goodnight hugs are legendary.

Charlotte-girl, you bless me daily with your love and the lessons you teach me  You are helping me to be a better parent as I'm stretched to guide and love someone who is so different from me.  I admire so much about you and pray daily that God would give me the grace to help you grow more and more into who He made you to be.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!




she is so so lovely, and your words are beautiful :)

Allison Bussell said...

I love this post. One of my favorites. And I love you sweet Charlotte. I need to see you. Soon.