Sunday, November 06, 2011

New Kicks

Last week Caroline asked me if she could get a pair of boots, and Caroline rarely asks for clothes or shoes, so I made a point to honor her request this weekend.  She tried on several pairs at one store and didn't really love any of them, so we headed off to try another store.  We found a few pairs that she wasn't overly excited about, but when I showed her "the pair," she lit up.  A huge smile came across her face and she said, "Yes!  Those are the ones I want!"  She tried them on; they fit perfectly; they looked good and we were off to the check out line (where incidentally, we had to add a couple of pink scarves to our loot).

We headed over to the dollar store a couple of stores down before we left so that she could spend of her own money that was obviously burning a hole in her purse.  She picked up a giant coloring book and a box of new crayons for a grand total of $2.18 (bought with mostly nickels and dimes).  As we were holding hands walking to the van, she said, "Mama, I think this is the best day!  And we are going to look just alike with our boots and my new scarf."  Hearing her say that and watching the smile on her face It made me think that it was the best day too.  

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Allison Bussell said...

Rock those boots sweet Caroline. They are beautiful.