Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Handy Tip

I've been meaning to share this incredible life tip for a while now and I haven't gotten around to it.  So, here goes! 

And maybe incredible is too strong, but it has been helpful in the grocery-shopping-meal-planning part of my life. 

My friend Allison introduced me to her weekly meal planning system when I was in Nashville a few months ago.  She writes a week's worth of meals down on large index cards.  So, for one week, she would have a listing of five or six days of the week with the planned meal for that night written next to the day of the week.  She keeps a notebook of recipes that she can reference for each of those cards.  As she's complied a pretty hefty set of weekly meal index cards, she can just re-use that week in a month or two.  That way, once you get a good set of meals down, you can draw from the stack for any given week and grocery shop pretty easily to prepare.

And if I've totally lost you at this point, accept my apologies.  I'm not known for my crystal-clear explanations.  Actually, I'm more known for my wordy, convoluted explanations.

Taking some liberties with Allison's weekly meal-planning method, I decided to use a three subject notebook instead of the cards.  One subject serves as Allison's index cards; in it have several sets of weekly meals set out.  Another subject is where I write my grocery lists.  Yes, I write grocery lists.  Please do not judge.

The last subject is for list for my twice monthly trips to Target.  I will inevitably decide I need something from Target right after I've gone there, so the list there makes sure I don't forget over the course of almost two weeks.

And there you have it!  Though you wouldn't know it by looking at my word count and extended explanation, this system has really simplified and de-stressed my meal planning and preparing process in the evenings.  I just open up my notebook and see what I've scheduled for the week and get cooking.  When time is precious in the evenings, my appreciation for all things simple and anxiety-free goes beyond words.

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