Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where have we been?

When I waited tables there was this phenomenon that I battled against when my table's food was taking too long to come. My natural inclination was to avoid them after I'd given the canned apologies for the kitchen being backed up, slow, short-handed, or getting an order wrong.

That's definitely the wrong route to take as a waiter.  While you're not guaranteeing a decent tip by continuing to check in even when it is painful or you have no answers, you are almost certain to have a really aggravated customer when you don't check in.

And so it has been here on the blog. Almost a month has passed since I last posted and I've been tempted to check in with just a picture here or a story there, but . . . well, I just haven't.

Instead of continuing in that avoiding tendency, I thought I'd share a couple of recent videos of two of our girls. There's so much more to catch you up on, Palm Sunday, Easter, soccer games, and the mundane details of life between the memorable events, but for today I'll give you two videos that bring a smile to my face.

First, this is Camille "riding" Caroline's skateboard. Note to self: get a video of Caroline riding her skateboard. This little activity tickled Camille to no end.


 Second, if we are friends on Facebook or Twitter, you might have seen me mention the fact that Charlotte has taken to calling me "m'lady" for some reason. She says it with a hint of a British accent, so I imagine it comes from some role-laying she's doing with Caroline or who-knows-where. In any event, it makes me smile every time she says it. At the suggestion of Kristin, I tried to catch it on video - albeit with a bit of a prompting.


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