Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swimmers take your mark . . .

We've spent at least one hour every day since May 15th at the pool.  Caroline has swim team every evening and the little girls are both old enough now to enjoy spending an hour or so in the baby pool.

I'm so proud of Caroline's enthusiasm and hard work when it comes to most things she tries; and she really displays those qualities beautifully during swim season.  She is excited about practice, and always works really hard to improve her skills.  Last season she never felt comfortable enough with backstroke to swim    that stroke the length of pool alone.  But on her first try at it all alone this year, she did fantastic.

 And our Charlotte?  Well, she is slightly more timid than Caroline when it comes to trying new things, but when she does try something, she tries it with a gusto that is really inspiring.  She epitomizes the go big or go home mantra.  The first couple of weeks we were going to the pool, she had no interest in getting her head wet. She was happy playing and maybe blowing bubbles under the water, but she was not about to go under the water willingly.  That all changed two days ago.  She asked me for her goggles and said that she needed them because she was going under water.  I complied and put her goggles on, fully expecting her to maybe put her face in the water for a moment and come up in horror.  I was so wrong.  She went at it full force and tells us now that she doesn't need swim lessons.  We'll be keeping a VERY close eye on our no-longer-cautiously-fearful girl.  :-)

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Amelia said...

They're doing so well!! I love Caroline's back and forth motion in the pool--I still swim laps like that and get super anxious when I have to share the lane...on the straight and narrow, I am not.

Love the sweet tunes ;)