Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A funny (slightly off-color) bed time story

When we put Caroline to bed at night, we let her "read" a couple of books to us and then either Jeff or I read two books to her. The other night she was "reading" a book to us called "Sweet Dream Stories"; a compilation of short stories featuring animal characters. As she was flipping through, she got to a story about "Rumpus" a bear who is very curious and as a result gets into everything. Page 82 looks like this:

When Caroline saw this page, she looked up at Jeff and me with a puzzled look on her face and said, "He poo poo?" (See top picture). I was laughing so hard and trying to mask it, so I couldn't talk. Jeff said, "No, Caroline, he is not going poo poo." So she replied, "Oh, he tee tee?" More laughter out of both Jeff and me this time. She said both of these things as if there would be no shame in it if that was what was going on in that picture. I guess that gives you a perspective on the mind of a two year old whose bodily functions have never been a private concern.


J Bussell said...

That is hysterical. I could not stop laughing as I read that. And then she asked "he go tee tee?" and I think I almost woke Cooper up! That's great. I could, in my mind, see you and Jeff having a hard time controling your laughter.

Allison Bussell said...

That just might be the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Kids are so honest.