Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Caroline-isms

1. Caroline has picked up the phrase "leave me alone" somewhere recently, but in Caroline-speak it is translated "leave my alone." I'm not sure where she heard it, but when she is frustrated or doesn't want to go somewhere, the latest response is: "no, leave my alone." Kind of funny, but of course we can't laugh. I just tell her, "Caroline, that is not nice to tell mama to leave you alone." I'm sure this is just one of many undesirable saying that we'll have to deal with, but for some reason she seems especially attached to this one. Every once in a while she'll say "stupid" (and honestly she hasn't said that in a few weeks), and all we have to tell her is that that is not a nice word and she can say "silly" instead and she stops saying it. This one is different, so I think we have many days of "leave my alone" ahead of us.

2. She also has many very sweet things that she likes to say - I don't want to dwell on the toddler defiance too much! She is so good about wanting everyone to participate in whatever activity is going on. If I tell her that we are going for a walk or going for a ride in the car, she always says, "Papa coming too?" Or if we offer her a treat or ask if she wants to go get yogurt, she says, "You want treat too?" As she says it, she cocks her head to the side and smiles really big. No matter what she asks you want to say "yes!" just because of the sweet way she asks.

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