Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fired up

Last night Jeff and I went out to dinner and then to the Manship Theatre to see the Avett Brothers. It was an awesome night. We rarely do things like that during the week, just because we both have to wake up early with Caroline and for work regardless of when we go to sleep. The late bedtime was well worth it last night though.

First, the Manship Theatre is absolutely beautiful. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house. However, if any Manship Theatre personnel are reading this, IT IS FREEZING IN THERE! You can kick the air up a few notches on the second mezzanine. That's my only complaint from the whole night, I promise. Second, the music. Oh my goodness. Those boys are on fire. Their energy is incredibly contagious, their voices are unbelievable together, their musical talent is incredible. I was trying to figure out how to describe their music and Jeff told me they've been called "punk bluegrass". That doesn't do it for me, because "punk bluegrass" conjures up images of mohawked, make-uped, screaming teenagers banging on a banjo. I don't think you can really put them in any one musical box, except for the "really good music" and "really good performers" boxes.

Good times.

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