Friday, April 04, 2008


I have some pictures I need to download from the camera so I can share Caroline's new favorite after-school activity: jumping on the trampoline! She loves it. For now, I'll give you word picture that will hopefully hold you over until I get those pictures on here. She bounces around, falls, gets up, laughs, falls, bounces around, touches here hair because it is literally standing on end from the static electricity, asks us to hold her and jump, rolls around, crawls around, bounces, and then cries when we have to go in for dinner. It is a joy to watch.

The other pictures I need to post are from Caroline's first race! Yes, we are those parents who put their two year old in a race. It was only 1/2 mile and she liked every minute of it (except for the mid-point turn around when she thought it was over, I had to carry her and run for a little while). She did great! Jeff and I ran with her and she wanted us to hold hands while running, it was precious. We truly did feel bad when she woke up the next morning complaining about her legs hurting. I'm sure there's no permanent damage . . .

Tonight Jeff and I are going to an art opening at a gallery and then to a concert at a church. The two guys playing tonight are some of my Young Life leaders from Baton Rouge High. Their wives were YL leaders as well, and then my leaders when I went through Young Life training at LSU. I am really looking forward to seeing them again.

Although I would not call myself a basketball fan (I like basketball and I'll watch basketball, but I don't keep up), I will watch the Lady Tigers and Lady Vols play this weekend. Two teams very close to my heart! Geaux Tigers.

It looks like the weather will be pretty good this weekend, so Caroline and I will have to go cheer on Jeff at a race on Saturday and hopefully find something else free and outdoors to do.

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