Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nine years ago today

Nine years ago today we walked down an aisle and made some pretty incredible promises to one another and to God. We've moved away, learned to live together, traveled across the country, moved back, moved away again, moved, and moved again. We've been through difficult jobs and wonderful jobs; we've made life-long friends, grown in friendships, and said good-bye to friends. We've had two unbelievably wonderful children; we've lost a child and walked through the saddest time in our lives. We've laughed, smiled, cried, celebrated, and grieved together.

There aren't words to express how thankful I am that God led me to make those incredible, impossible even, promises as a 22 year old on November 25, 2000. I am unbelievably blessed that in all these things through the past nine years it's been "we" and not just "me".

"Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:12


Amelia said...

Ashley--what an incredibly sweet post, congratulations to you both! You're thoughts on a "we" just choked me up a's amazing that a simple twist of a pronoun can have such a profound affect on EVERYTHING. I am so thankful that you're a part of our "we" :) xx

Allison Bussell said...

And we are so blessed as well that it was "y'all" too. Though I feel certain that God would have crossed our paths (yours and mine) at some point no matter what, it does seem that Mr. Beck had a WHOLE lot to do with you being in Knoxville and bringing "you" to "me." And what a joy it has been for both you and Jeff to be part of our lives.

Much love, Allison

Ashley said...

Thanks to both of you! I'm happy that both the Waltons and Bussells are part of the bigger "we" too. Much love,