Monday, November 09, 2009

Tricks and treats

What? Halloween was more than a week ago? Seriously, I'm not sure what happens to the hours in our days lately. I'm finally getting a chance to share these pictures from our girls' night out trick or treating. We had a great night out in the neighborhood with friends. It was a perfect night and despite the LSU home game, there were lots of people giving out candy and plenty of kids out to get their share.

Caroline kept up her tradition of running like mad from house to house in complete awe that she can knock on strangers' doors to have them open it up and offer her candy. And we let her eat it! It is quite a phenomenon.

Charlotte loved every minute of it and discovered her love for the wagon. She could not have been more content riding along watching the big kids all around her.

Jeff joined in the fun and completed the girls' super hero theme by dressing up as Batman. Caroline was thrilled to have another person in our family with a cape!


Amelia said...

yessssss! Capes! The girls look so good, and Drew and I are sleeping much better knowing that Batman is looking after us all :) xx

J Bussell said...

While I love the Batman costume, I am a little disappointed not to see DJ Lance! Oh well, there's always next year.