Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday randomness

A few weeks back I had the privilege of meeting Anne Jackson and hearing her speak here in Baton Rouge. If you don't know who Anne is, take a few moments to get to know her on her blog. She is a really phenomenal thinker and writer, and after spending just a few minutes talking to her, I can say that she has a really incredible heart. Anne is the real deal.

She is working on a project right now called Permission to Speak Freely. It is a book that will include all of your, yes YOUR, confessions about things you feel you cannot say in church. Go on over to the book website and find out how you can send in your confession. I can't wait for the finished product. I truly believe that God is using Anne and this book; I saw the way her message is reaching people with my own eyes when she spoke.

In other news:
Compassion is sponsoring another Compassion Blogger trip. This time to El Salvador. Following the last blogger trip to India was huge for me. In fact, it led our family to sponsor a child through Compassion. Lizeth is our Compassion child and she lives in Ecuador, a little closer to El Salvador than India, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this trip goes. If you've never seen what Compassion does, follow some of the trip through the bloggers to get a peek into how your monthly gift of only about $30 per month can change the life of a child and his or her family.

And on a really important note:
Caroline does not like carbonated drinks. At all. So yesterday she came to the grocery store with me and I told her she could get a drink at the check out if she was good for the whole shopping trip. She picked out a red drink that said, "Fruit Punch", and it looked harmless enough. As I opened it and let her have a sip on the way out, however, her face looked as though I'd just given her a sip of vinegar. She said, "Oh, no Mama! That drink is not good! It's hot and spicy!"

And finally:
How cute is Asher? That smile kills me! He is precious; I'm not sure how Drew and Amelia are getting anything done with that sweet little boy around.

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