Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My little songwriter

At some point in the great history of this blog of mine I wrote about how Caroline often makes up words to songs when she doesn't know the actual lyrics.  Lately she's brought that musical philosophy to a new level.  She is officially writing her own songs now.

And by writing, I mean singing songs that she makes up as she goes.  It is often really telling about what she thinks and observes.

Tonight she was helping me put Camille to sleep and as she was holding Camille, rocking her in the chair in Camille's room, she came up with a little ditty that went like this:

Mookie-moo, you are sweet
You are fine
You are a sugar boo
You are sweet like sugar
But not too much sugar
Because that would make you sick
And you'd feel bad
But you love Caroline and Charlotte
And we are your sisters
And we take care of you
And we will kill anyone who tries to take you
'Cause we don't want anyone to take you.
Rock a bye baby
You are sweet.

First of all -- for background -- "Mookie" is Camille's nickname.  And, well, I'm not quite sure what to do with the line about Caroline and Charlotte killing someone.  Protective sister anyone?

In all seriousness, Caroline has taken a special interest in Camille lately.  It is truly so sweet to see Caroline really want to play with Camille, to hold her, to rock her, to bathe her, and generally just make sure her needs are met.  Caroline has always been really gentle with Camille and very protective of her, but until recently her interest in Camille has been pretty attenuated.  She might have played with her for a few moments here or there, but if I would let her, Caroline would want to take care of her all afternoon.

It does my mama-heart good to see my girls loving one another and seeing how their relationships are already growing and evolving.  And of course it will be nice to share with Caroline her first song written about her youngest sister (even though it did contain a reference to a potential homicide).

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