Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Twirl and whirl

So far in her not quite three years of life, Charlotte has broken all molds of the classic "middle child."  She knows what she wants, how she wants it, when she wants it, how you are going make it happen.  As a result, she's known a fair amount of disappointment!  Charlotte revels in attention and thrives on the time and affection of those she loves.  She is truly a joy.  A joy who sometimes teaches me a lot about patience and restraint.

And though Caroline is a girlie-girl in so many ways so we've been prepared for Charlotte to follow suit, Charlotte is really becoming a girlie-girl in her own unique, Charlotte way.  

She really can't stand to wear anything other than a dress.  She might possibly entertain the thought of a skirt, but only if absolutely necessary.  Not just any dress will do, Charlotte's dresses must have sufficient twirl, or "spin" as she would say, in order to be worth wearing for the day.  Often sitting in her room in the morning coaxing her into some school-appropriate clothing, you'll find me trying to convince her that the dress from Target does indeed spin and the Snow White gown really isn't practical for a day of finger painting and playing on the playground.  

And for shoes?  If she could wear these Barbie heels daily she absolutely would.  I've had to take them forcibly off of her feet before she runs into the backyard to play.  The are a broken ankle waiting to happen; I can't chance those shoes in the great outdoors.  


pwalton said...

Precious girl - what a gift from God! I believe God has gifted you to be a wonderful mother to Charlotte. She is right where she needs to be!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much Pats! That's my daily prayer: that God will guide Jeff and me to be the parents these girls need.
And just to add to the story, this morning she was not pleased with the dress I picked out. She said, "No, me not want to wear this dress. It not spin!" Somehow Caroline and I convinced her that it did spin and got her into the outfit without any tears.