Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekends are for chasing

This weekend we took the girls out to the levee for a little bit where Caroline learned the hard way that rolling down a hill through freshly cut grass is only fun for a short time and then it becomes a decision you really wish you hadn't made.  I think she said, "I'm so itchy! Oh this itches!" about 361 times on the drive home.
It was fun to watch them play though, and I promise that each day that passes, Charlotte works just a little bit harder to be like Caroline.  She is like her shadow when we do stuff like this.  If Caroline goes down the hill, Charlotte is chasing after her.  If Caroline needs some water, Charlotte is right behind her.  It is so sweet.  Here are the pictures from our little outing.

The fateful roll down the hill

My sweet girls.  

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