Saturday, October 01, 2011

My Purple Fairy

Charlotte is obsessed with the color purple.  In the past several months, rarely has a day gone by without her mentioning her love for all things purple.  In fact, she's been planning her 3 year old birthday party for quite a while, it is going to be - surprise! - a Purple Party:  purple cake, purple ice cream (?), purple food, purple balloons.

So, it came as no shock when she decided that she wanted to be a purple fairy for Halloween.  Fairies and mermaids are just as special to Charlotte as the color purple; they are, as she says it, "my favorite girls." As we walked through Target this morning, we came across a costume that Caroline "had to have" to be Rapunzel and a pair of purple wings and a purple tu-tu to make up Charlotte's purple fairy costume.  She was beside herself.  And that made my day.

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