Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where oh where have we been?

So I'm returning from yet another blog hiatus (and a completely unintentional one).  The girls are good and, like always, it will take me a few posts to get caught up on the pictures and stories that I've failed to get on the blog over the past few weeks.  Working backwards makes the most sense to me, so here goes on what we did tonight!

I took the girls and a friend to Trick or Treat on sorority row at LSU.  The weather was perfect, and I really enjoyed it being on Sunday this year instead of Wednesday.  Rushing to get everyone ready after school and work can be a little overwhelming, so I appreciated it being on a weekend for the first time since we've been going.  Caroline was Rapunzel, with a wig that was not kid friendly.  Charlotte was a "purple fairy" with a pair of wings that was not kid friendly. And Camille was a ballerina with a wholly kid friendly ensemble.

The girls had a great time being out there, getting candy, playing games, and then of course eating some candy along the way.  It always seems a little odd when I say it, but Halloween is the holiday that I have some of the fondest memories of from growing up.  It was a holiday that meant spending time with a lot of my family, the weather was usually great, and it is a quintessential kid-holiday - walking the neighborhood with friends and family and getting candy.  So, even though it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas, it makes me happy to make some of our own happy memories with my own girls for this holiday.  And for good measure, we'll be back at it tomorrow night in our own neighborhood.

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