Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Louisiana girl

Last weekend we had our first crawfish of the season thanks to some wonderful friends.

As a random side-bar, spellcheck is telling me to spell "crawfish" like "crayfish".

Um.  No.

No indeed.

Caroline was particularly excited about it all.  After a little peeling refresher lesson, she was all about it.

In other news, she lost her sixth tooth tonight.  It had been hanging on in some gravity defiant feat for about a week.  After I did a little work on it, she finally "pulled it" out on her own.  She was so very proud of that tiny tooth.  Truth be told, she was just the next person to touch it after I basically pulled it out, but she doesn't need to know this.  So, the tooth fairy will pay yet another visit to our house tonight and I'm kind of in awe of the reality that she has lost six baby teeth.  How is this possible?  


pwalton said...

Toothless or not, this is one precius girl! I love her so much!

mnags5 said...

i love these stories of babes of louisiana….culture passed down!