Friday, March 23, 2012

The Middle

So, Charlotte.  I  wish there were words to describe this girl.  She breaks all molds and words really fall short.  She is one who you have to really spend some quality time with to truly grasp the many facets of her personality.  She seems so much older than her three years, but at the same time she loves to be babied every night before bed.  She loves to be on the go, but loves almost nothing more than sitting in your lap reading books.  Her older sister is her idol, even if she often doesn't know how to communicate that.  Her perception of the world is refreshingly unique.  When she talks about when she was a baby, she says, "When I was Camille . . . ." And when she talks about being older, she says, "When I'm Caroline one day . . ."  I love that perspective.

She talks and talks and talks.  She loves to ask questions.  Almost always those questions end with  " . . .right?"  It's as if she knows that she knows the answer, she just wants to get you in on her thoughts and discoveries.  All things Barbie and princess fill her days.  As I said, she adores Caroline, but she is great about using her imagination to spend time playing alone in the dollhouse, in their kitchen, or with her dolls.   She hates jackets - so thank goodness she lives in Louisiana.  She still loves dresses above all else. She still hates vegetables, but has finally branched out to eating apples as long as you peel the skin off for her first.    Her love for life is evident in her radiant smile.

My words fall short.  Each of our girls is such a gift!


pwalton said...

Words may fall short, but you did a great job communicating your love for Charlotte as well as her special place in your family. I love this girl's uniqueness. Life's most precious blessings are right in your house!

J Bussell said...

I love that little girl! Especially that mischievous smile.