Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There's no place like home

It's no secret that my girls love to dress-up.  Actually, "love" is an understatement, they live for dressing up.  It makes my heart happy to see them in their princess dresses, super hero costumes, capes, my old shoes.  It reminds me that they dream.  And dream big.  

They are royalty.  

They are heroes.  

They are Moms.  :-)

Their imaginations and desire to be part of a big story are equally encouraging, inspiring, and humbling.  I would give anything to be able to capture a fraction of their wonder and get rid of a little cynicism and practicality.  

Honestly, all too often it does not come easy for me to cultivate that joy and delight in the things of childhood.  The reality of life as an adult weighs too heavy on me more often than I'd like.  My prayer recently has been to loosen the reins a bit.  To enter the joy of life as my girls see it.  To, even if just for a moment, see the wonder of life in the moment through my girls' eyes.  To remember that the joy, wonder, trust, delight, and love of these precious ones is the home of the kingdom of heaven.  Matt. 19:14.

And just for fun, my sassy little Dorothy and her To-to.  

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