Friday, October 12, 2012

For your Friday: What I'm reading

On my Kindle:

Don't Call it a Comeback: The Old Faith for a New Day - a collection of essays on evangelical faith.  I may not agree with all that each contributor has to say, but it has been a great eye-opening

and Les Miserables (gotta get ready for the movie)

In an actual, paper book:  

Mended - a great devotional-style book to work through at whatever pace is right for you

On the web:

I love the Bible by Rachel Held Evans.  Refreshingly honest.

Sandpaper People by Robin Dance.  This:  "A rock will remain a regular ol’ rock unless and until it’s rubbed the right way.  Different grinds of grit produce different results and all are necessary to produce a polished stone.  Change doesn’t happen overnight; it comes in due time.  Like rocks tumbled or rough wood sanded, a person changes over time when external forces rub them the right way."  Hard.  Truth.

Crazy People in the South - Designing Women.  I love this show.  I got caught up in the Designing Women channel cycle on You Tube when someone pointed me to this one.

Excursion - Bik Bik and Ro Ro.  A precious stop motion video.

First World Problems are Real Problems - Shaun Groves.  If we are connected on Twitter or Facebook, you probably saw me link to this, but I had to mention it again.  I really love it.  It gives a great perspective on perspective.

Chained to the Father Metaphor - Amber Haines.  This line got me, "I see now that idolatry even of a good father can twist the truth so that all chances of pleasing him are squashed. Idols lie."

Cute British Kid Sits Under His Sister's Sage Teaching - via 22 Words.  Cute and funny.

Lately by Amelia.  Beautiful pictures and more beautiful words (as always).

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