Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Caroline Illustrated

When we were at Laura and Seamus' house this weekend, we stayed until about 6:45 PM or so and so we thought it would be a good idea to put Caroline in her PJ's before we got in the car, in case she fell asleep on the drive home. Mama, however, forgot her PJ's at home, so Laura was nice enough to let us borrow a pair of Brady's PJ's. Caroline has fallen in love with the boy PJ's; they are red and blue and have pictures of construction equipment on the shirt with the words "Work Zone" on them as well. No mistaking that these are "boy" PJ's. Yesterday morning when I went in Caroline's room to get her after she woke up, she was in the process of taking off her pink floral PJ's in favor of the Work Zone PJ's. When I walked in she said, "I need to wear dese. Dey are mine." I responded by telling her that they were Brady's, but she was borrowing them. She said, "No, he lost 'em." I didn't think there was any use trying to explain the concept of borrowing to a 2 year old, so I let it go. After we put on the new outfit, she put on her pink Tutu to show me the dances she was going to be doing in her dance class at school. She loves Tuesdays and from the moment we remind her that she is having dance class that day, she dances around the house in anticipation. And of course, we had to put in her newly beloved "hair bow" before school as well.

I think yesterday morning illustrates Caroline well: busy as can be, able to hang with the boys (and sometimes wanting to wear their clothing), but loving her dances, tutus, and hair bows. She certainly has her own personality, and it is really fun watching her grow.

Here are a couple of pictures of our girl. One is her with her animals and dolls all lined up for their "check ups", check out the thermometer in her hand. The other is of her all dressed up in her "ballerina" outfit (it is actually a Cinderella costume).

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