Friday, March 28, 2008


On the way to school this morning Caroline was eating Wheat Thins, which she loves. I looked back at her when we stopped at a red light and saw that she was just holding a cracker in her hand, but not eating it. So, I asked, "Caroline, are your crackers good?" She replied, "Here Mama," handing me the bag of crackers and the one in her hand, "dat's too crunchy." I couldn't help but laugh; what must have been going through her little two year old head? I've never even heard her use the word "crunchy" before. She is such a little ray of sunshine.

Embarassing confession: I've watched the Celebrity Apprentice on and off this season and have grown to really like Trace Adkins (the embarassing part is that I've watched the Apprentice). I really like this song; Trace sang it last night on the finale, obviously, not to the Lion King video. But, Caroline recently got that movie from Jo Jo and loves it, so I thought it was appropriate.

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