Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter thoughts

Here's a link to an article by Anne Rice from Newsweek. I'd like to pick up her newer books, but haven't yet. If you read through the comments, as a believer, they are pretty dis-heartening - so I stopped reading them, but the article itself is really good.

And here's another link to an article about how to glorify God while raising your children. This blog takes a pretty strong stand on theological matters, and I'm not sure whether I agree with him on any of it, but I don't have any arguments with the list! I think it is a good list of ways to glorify God in simply living - you could replace "children" with "friends", "parents", etc. and the list would apply well to those relationships as well. I suppose as a parent though the responsibility is more immense, so being intentional is that much more important.
(H/T: Evangelical Outpost)

I'm going to post Easter pictures soon - we had a great weekend and I hope each of you did too.

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Jamsco said...

Thanks for the link, Ashley - and thanks for putting it up despite your misgivings with my theology. I hope my blog theology doesn't come across too harshly.

And I was sorry to hear about your son.