Monday, March 03, 2008

Ducks, crawfish, and horses!

Those three animals have filled the past couple of weekends in our family! Two weekends ago we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went out to feed the ducks at the LSU lakes. Caroline loves to feed the ducks and to help her mom differentiate between ducks and geese ("No, mama, dos are GEESE!)! She's also learned to tell the more aggressive ones to "Get back!" with a little kick that looks like something Jeff says I do (ducks and geese are NOT my favorite animals). Here are some pics from that adventure:

And here's a picture of Caroline from that same weekend right before we went to church, she was very proud of her new dress! Thanks Lauren!

This past Saturday morning Jeff took Caroline out to part of LSU's Ag campus to see all the animals. She was especially enthralled with the horses. Here are some pictures of her with the most friendly one (and just in case you were wondering, she picked out the outfit. It consisted of jeans, a T-Shirt, an LSU T-Shirt Dress, a fleece, and her LSU crocs. STYLE!).

After Jeff and Caroline returned from their outing, we headed down the road to Mandeville to visit friends and have a crawfish boil. We discovered that Caroline does not like boiled crawfish, but she does like red velvet cupcakes. A lot! The company was wonderful and the weather was perfect. Caroline was having so much fun that she skipped a nap and did just fine without it. She had to keep up with those busy boys.

And then Sunday we were off to church again. This time Caroline was wearing a dress that was mine when I was her age and remembered to bring along her Bible.

Sunday afternoon, after Caroline's nap we had to spend some more time out in the beautiful weather and Caroline's hair is finally agreeable to having a "hair bow".

We've also spent time with family and had some fun just hanging around the house in the past couple of weekends, but this is just an overview of life lately. We are extra-excited that Spring is trying to peek through these grey winter days. Hopefully we'll have lots more outside pics to come!


Amelia said...

Ashley, that made me laugh--I have always struggled with geese, I hate how they run up at you with their wings out like some kind of toe-eating prehistoric tradactyl and frankly, the waddling makes me a little uncomfortable too. Caroline is looking so beautiful--so tall! I can't wait to see ya'll in May!!!

drewwalton said...

Caroline is soooooooooooo cutesy. I'm going to kiss her nose. Caroline is probably ready to ride those horses since she has her own Palomino Pony at home. I love you guys.