Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack and the Giant Pizza

Caroline is still playing the name game with her baby sister (of whom she has become quite possessive lately. If I'm putting my hand on my belly or talking to the baby, she says, "That's my baby sister!"). This weekend, she told someone that her name was going to be "Jack". Um, no. She told a girl at my mom's sorority house that the baby was going to be named "Ginger Ann". Where does she get this?

This past Friday, Jeff, Caroline, and I went downtown (or back downtown for Caroline and me) after school and work for a concert that is part of a concert series they do in BR in the fall. Each week a different band plays starting at 5:00 and they sell food, drinks, and generally people just hang out downtown. Caroline got bored of the dancing and singing after a while, so we took a walk and as we were walking down a street I noticed that she was grabbing my hand very tightly and kind of hiding behind my leg as we walked. I was looking around at the buildings and people, so I didn't notice that straight ahead of us on the opposite corner was a giant slice of pizza. Or I guess more accurately, a man dressed up as a giant slice of pizza.

This pizza had a smiling "face" and to top it all off, he wore gloves. Caroline has many quirks and odd aversions and hang-ups and gloves are near the top of that list. She hates gloves and if anyone wears gloves, she runs the other way. Not only was this a 6 foot tall slice of pizza, which is weird and frightening to a child who does not like big mascot type costumes, but he wore gloves and waved them at her! We passed by the pizza once without creating a scene, but when it was time to turn around and head back down the street toward our car, she insisted that we cross the street to the other side, because, she "not like that big pizza."

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